Wednesday, June 08, 2011

HTC Sensation or Samsung Galaxy S2... and the WINNER!!!

Today... finally, at Car Phone Warehouse test both Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation. Both look great, but when you hold it HTC Sensation feel sturdy and luxury, but Samsung Galaxy S2.... God!!! very light, superthin!!!.

Both are the winner actually, for me HTC Sensation biggest drawback are 768MB RAM and 1GB memory compare to Samsung Galaxy S2 1GB RAM and 16GB memory.

One more thing, Super AMOLED Plus screen on Samsung Galaxy S2.... WOW very crystal sharp CLEAR compare to S-LCD on Sensation...

so... after testing both masterpieces instore and with in good level of three network services (coverage and data packet)... Finally here I go ----- 'Samsung Galaxy S2 GT - I9100' from Car Phone Warehouse with three network on 24 months contract (350 flexi unit + Unlimited data) and most of all it's FREE!!!!

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