Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hewlett Packard HP Photosmart C6180 Calibration Error Solving Method

Hewlett Packard HP Photosmart C6180 Calibration Error Solving Method

Finally after years of searching, now I've found the easy/right to solve this problem. My HP C6180 AIO Printer keep giving Alignment Error / Calibration Error / Paper Mismatch Error every time it switch ON. Here below the technique that I've got from

Paper Mismatch Error on HP C6150, C6180 or C7280 by Velveeta (10/31/08 12:49 PM)

I hope that this can help someone else as it has taken me all day to fix this issue on a C6180 all-in-one machine. I will ignore the normal solutions to a "paper mismatch" error such as your settings not matching your printing media. Obviously, check these first: If your problem is not solved with the above steps, you have an issue with your "spot sensor" and it needs to be calibrated.


1. Press * and # at the same time, and then release both keys. The display reads "Enter Special Key Combo".

2. Press 3, 2, and then 9, releasing each key before pressing the next. The display window should read "Service: R0622M" with a revision number.

3. Press the right arrow button once. The display should read "System Configuration".

4. Press Enter or OK.

5. You will be prompted to enter serial number. Do not enter any information on the unit. Press the right arrow button until "media sense calibration" appears in the display.

6. Load Paper into the unit and then press Enter or OK.

7. Media Sense Calibration process will take place.

** re calibrate/align the printer.

full article here :

Thursday, March 06, 2014

UPC Ireland March 2014 200Mb/s Speed Promised

Upgrade UPC Bundle, broadband from 50Mb/s to 200Mb/s. Here the result...

At first, it a little bit tricky as most of the host in Ireland cannot support UPC 200Mb/s speed on The tried to change the host to UK London (namesco) to get maximum speed.

My setting :

  •  Router - UPC Horizon (Samsung SMT-G7400)
  • Wired Ethernet - Cat5e Cable
  • Computer - Acer Revo (Gigabit Ethernet)

11/02/2014 (still on 50Mb/s)

06/03/2014 (Host in Ireland - Limerick/Galway/Dublin)

Limerick - Fast Wireless Internet

Galway - Airwire

Dubin - Vodafone IE

06/03/2014 (Host London - Namesco)

Happy with it... thanks UPC

Monday, March 03, 2014

XBMC 12.3 (Frodo) boot on startup on Acer Revo in Windows 7 Pro (The Installation Guide)

Step by step installation of XBMC Stable Version 12.3 (Frodo) on Acer Revo (Windows 7 Professional Platform) with XBMC Auto boot on start up.

Here step by step installation video HD (

Here is my media center setup :

1. ACER Inspire REVO R3610 as media player (XBMC)
2. DLink DNS-320L as Media Server Library (Twonky Server & DLink ShareCenter)
3. Samsung All In One Setup Box SMT-G7400 UPC Horizon as TV Receiver, modem, router and additional media player.
4. Sony DAV-Z260 5.1 Home Theatre System
5. Hitachi 42" LCD HD TV


1. Download XBMC 12.3 Installation files from ( or (

2. Makesure all Video/Audio, VobSub and Bonjour (Apple AirPlay) Codedc already installed on Windows 7.

2nd Step : XBMC Installation

1. Run xbmc-12.3.exe Installation File and follow on screen instruction (simple 3 click instruction)

The XBMC Installation Process

2. Finish the installation, then run XBMC to test that nothing wrong in installation process and XBMC run perfect. Then quit XBMC, don't change any setup yet. If you change it now, then you need to do it again later.

Test Run after Installation

3rd Step : To Set XBMC Auto Boot on Windows 7 Boot

1. Download 2 required file here
  - (this file is command file that to run xbmc.vbs after certain condition)
  - (this file is another command file that tell windows to run xbmc.exe and run explorer.exe on exit/quit)

2. Please make sure command inside xbmc.cmd.txt as follow

SET SourceDir=%~dp0
PUSHD "%SourceDir%"
start /max wscript.exe xbmc.vbs

and then rename or save as xbmc.cmd  (this command file to tell windows to run xbmc.vbs)

3. Please make sure command inside xbmc.vbs.txt as follow

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

Return = WshShell.Run(chr(34) & "C:\Program Files\XBMC\XBMC.exe" & chr(34) & " -p -fs", 3 ,true)

and then rename or save as xbmc.vbs  (this command file to tell windows to run xbmc.exe)

4. Copy both xbmc.cmd and xbmc.vbs into XBMC Folder (C:\Program Files\XBMC\)

XBMC Folder
5. Then specific user to run xbmc.cmd as a shell

  • Open the start menu, and type in the search box: mmc <ENTER>.
  • Right click on mmc.exe, then 'Run As Administrator'
  • Choose File -> Add/Remove Snap-in...
  • Select Group Policy Object Editor and hit Add.
  • In the wizard that pops up, click Browse..., go to tab Users, select your user account (the one that you set up to log on windows automatically) and hit OK.
  • Make sure that the checkbox "Allow the focus of the Group Policy......" is Unchecked, and hit Finish.
  • Hit OK in the Add/Remove Snap-ins window.
  • In the User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System folder, open Custom User Interface.
  • Select Enabled and enter the full path  (including xbmc.cmd) in the Interface file name textbox.
  • Click OK and then reboot your system. It should now log in and start XBMC automatically on boot

Set XBMC to auto boot on start

and now Acer Revo will boot directly into XBMC and run explorer.exe if quit XBMC.

I will put xbmc setting video/audio and library on my next entry.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 get 15 days battery life with NeatROM Lite v4.0

Installed NeatROM Lite v4.0 and here is my battery life.

Very impressive, since this S2 as my secondary phone and just minimal daily usage of totally receiving and making a call and text message and also taking pictures and videos. No others apps installed, only dropbox, titanium backup flash player, gmail, yahoomail, google drive, maps and xbmc remote.

RAM only 289MB

more details about this ROM here :

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Twonky Server 7.0.11 can see full 1TB USB External Hard Drive on DLink DNS 320L as Media Storage

Installed Twonky Server 7.0.11 on my DLink DNS-320L NAS as a media server for UPC Horizon TV Service with Samsung SMT-G7400 Setupbox (STB).

I will put here my installation details of my installation process as for my future reference elsewhere. The installation just straight forward as guide from a few websites (forums and blogger).

DLink DNS-320L has 1 USB port with it, and this USB port only can be used as Printer Server, UPS or Backup USB Drive. I tried to attach 1TB usb external HDD (LaCie P'9231 Desktop Drive) on it, and DNS-320L recognize it as another hard drive full 1TB capacity (NTFS Format).

System Management > USB Devices

DLink DNS-320L with 2 installed HDD plus 1TB USB HDD

Then I successfull to map this 1TB USB HDD as network drive through my Laptop (Windows 7).

Network Drives from DNS-320L

Originally, I attached this 1TB LaCie on my HTPC (Acer Revo R3610 with Windows 7 and XBMCbuntu) for media storage (full of my DVD/BD Rip Movies). So now it attached into DLink DNS-320L via USB and I tried to add it as media files (Multimedia Services on DNS 320L), but it won't shown as another storage to add  in multimedia services.

DLink DNS-320L Media Storage

But in Twonky Server, I can add this 1TB USB HDD on DNS-320L as media storage.

Twonky Server 7.0.11 on DNS-320L Media Storage

Bottom line is I can see all my movies inside LaCie from my setupbox (UPC Horizon - Samsung SMT-G7400) via Twonky Server (DNS-320L) without need to ON or setup another MediaServer/Machine.

Here snap from Twonky Server on DNS-320L via SetUpBox UPC Horizon (Samsung SMT-G7400)

Twonky Server on DNS-320L

And here snap from DLink DNS-320L Multimedia Services via SetUpBox UPC Horizon (Samsung SMT-G7400)

DNS-320L Multimedia Server

Next : I will try to add 2 or 3 USB External HDD into DLink DNS-320L through USB Hub, and see if this tiny NAS either can recognise and render it or not (DNS-320L FW or Twonky Server)