Thursday, March 06, 2014

UPC Ireland March 2014 200Mb/s Speed Promised

Upgrade UPC Bundle, broadband from 50Mb/s to 200Mb/s. Here the result...

At first, it a little bit tricky as most of the host in Ireland cannot support UPC 200Mb/s speed on The tried to change the host to UK London (namesco) to get maximum speed.

My setting :

  •  Router - UPC Horizon (Samsung SMT-G7400)
  • Wired Ethernet - Cat5e Cable
  • Computer - Acer Revo (Gigabit Ethernet)

11/02/2014 (still on 50Mb/s)

06/03/2014 (Host in Ireland - Limerick/Galway/Dublin)

Limerick - Fast Wireless Internet

Galway - Airwire

Dubin - Vodafone IE

06/03/2014 (Host London - Namesco)

Happy with it... thanks UPC

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