Sunday, April 15, 2012

Details Guide to Install XBMC in ACER REVO R3610 as Apr 2012 (XBMCLive Eden) with Video (Part 3 of 5)

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Part 3 :

Section 3 : Now Guide Step by Step to Install XBMCFreak Live version Eden 11.0 into Acer Revo R3610

Here is the Video Step by Step :

1. Insert Bootable SDCard / USB Drive (from Section 1 : Part 1)

2. Fire Up Acer Revo and after Logo Acer appear push 'Del' (delete button) to set up

3. Change boot 'Advanced BIOS Features' > '1st Boot Device' , Select 'Removable Device'

4. 'F10' Save and Exit

5. After reboot, it will show 'Please select boot device :' window. Then select 'USB : Generic- Multi-Card'

6. Now select 'Install XBMCbuntu'

7. Then, this happened to me... it took about 10 mins to find my network and then it failed to configure my network. It 'Booting system without full network configuration', this will resolve when you reboot it again after unplug 'Ethernet Cable' connected to router and restart 'Router'... then plug back Ethernet cable and switch on Acer Revo.

8. Then Installation Process will start (Select Language > Select Installation Type)

9. 'Select Installation Type' > 'Something else', I used this because I want to manual select where I want to Install XBMC into my selected partition

10. Select which parttition you want to install XBMC and then format it. (Add > Create a new partition), make sure it Logical drive and Ext4 journaling file system

11. Then select partition you want to install XBMC then click install now, it will ask about 'swap' disk. I just ignore it so it will eat up self 25GB volume.

12. Then 'your region' > 'keyboard layout' > 'user' (please select 'Log in automatically'), next you will wait about 20min for installation process.

13. Then NOW you DONE, it will restart and  immediately remove your SDCard / USB Drive. Then it DONE.

Next I will show you how it look like and it default setting of video and sound in next Part.

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Video Part 4 :

Part 5 :

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