Thursday, November 21, 2013

Install Windows 8.1 Pro on SONY VAIO VGN CS11Z/R from Original Windows Vista Home Premium

Just guide to myself for future reference elsewhere...

In Windows Vista (or XP) environment, you cannot upgrade Windows 8.1 without upgrading to Windows 7 first without losing your Windows Vista's data and setting.

Here I'll show you, how to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro from Windows Vista Home Premium.
- if you don't have Windows 7 installer, sorry... you need to clean install Windows 8.
- you need to buy Windows 8 DVD from high street retailer or Online DVD. Or another option buy online (download version) then download it from another Windows 7 PC/Laptop (friends or work), then burn it into DVD.

Install Windows 8.1 From Windows Vista on Sony Vaio CS11Z Part 1 (Step by Step HD Video)

{this video shown step by step preparation for Sony Vaio VGN CS11Z/R in Windows Vista Home Premium before start installing Windows 8.1 Pro}

** if you willing to lose all Sony Utilities, Bloatware,Sony's Software and a few special features/button... then go a head with upgrading to Windows 8 or 8.1. What you get is clean Windows8 or 8.1 OS environment with almost all of the drivers included

Part 2, Sony Vaio VGN CS11Z/R in Windows 7 Ultimate.

The preparation before installing Windows 8.1 Pro and step by step guide to download Windows 8.1 then save it as .ISO file and finally burn it into DVD.

Next Entry : Details Guide to Clean Install Windows 8.1 Pro on SONY VAIO VGN CS11Z/R (HD Video Guide and all require driver&utilities include)

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