Monday, July 04, 2011

HD Video guide to FLASH Samsung Galaxy S2 to it Original Three Network FW

just finished edit... here below my HD Video guide to flash Samsung Galaxy S2 to it original THREE network Kernel & FW...

[DISCLAIMER : I am not responsible for any issues this procedure MAY cause to you or your phone/device. Watch the video first and then carefully perform on your phone/device]

Showing how to reflash back factory/stock kernel and original carrier THREE Firmware of Samsung Galaxy S2 using odin.

Being flash to VillianROM1.4 with KF2 and CFRoot. Then want to reflash it to original Kernel and FW. Bought it with THREE network... details :

Phone : NEKD5

Network : Three UK...

kernel and firmware can be download here :

odin3 v1.85 :

First I flash stock KERNEL (I9100XWKE1_Kernel.TAR) and then after that I flash THREE UK FW (I9100XWKE1_I9100NEKD5_I9100H3GKD4.TAR), both using ODIN3 on PDA.

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