Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Network Super 'Smartphone Package' offer in Ireland (HTC Sensation or Samsung Galaxy S2)

Package between 3 biggest network that available in Ireland for HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S2.
(as 01.06.2011)

As my monthly mobile usage around e30 or average 60~70 min + 50~60 text, comparison between O2/Vodafone/Three....

HTC Sensation :

** Only available on VODAFONE network in Ireland (as for today 01.06.2011)
Price : €120
Contract : 18 months
Monthly : €45
Include : 250 min&text + 1GB data
Sims Free Price : €449.99 (online) or 479.99 (instore)

Samsung Galaxy S2 :

Network Price Contract Monthly Include Unit Data
Vodafone €199.99 18 mths €45 250 min&text 1GB
O2 €149 18 mths €35 250min/250text 250MB
Three €0.00 24 mths €40 350 flexi unit Unlimited

*I'm with O2 since 2004 and never upgrade...
** Three offered conditional upgrade at 18mths...

So why not I try three network first... how it goes? and if satisfy my usage then I'll take it...

Bought Three 'Pay As You Go' today... will try it for 2-3 days.

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